Newborn Registration and Visa in Dubai. What to do?

Baby registration, visa and residency DUbai

You are the lucky one and now you have a newborn baby in Dubai. The hardest part is done, now you need to focus on your newborn registration along with getting the little one a passport and a residency visa.

In case the formalities are not clear to you moreover in the newborn bliss you might be going through, we will go ahead and let you know all the steps you need to take along the documentation you need to prepare.

Baby registration

You have two options when it comes to registering your baby in Dubai. You can either collect all the necessary documents and personally go and get this action done or you can check with a door to door service like Baby Steps Dubai.

The service will pretty much help you in all your birth bureaucracy from registration to visa and obtaining the passport. They are very reliable and it cuts many activities from your to do list. They come with a fee of course.

But if you are a self sufficient kind of guy you might also consider going yourself to register your newborn. If this is the case make sure you have the notification of birth certificate in Arabic from the hospital where the child was born.

Please make sure to check the Government website for information especially if you are an ex-pat as you need the Arabic version translated to English and then both copies must be attested by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Therefore make sure you have the below documents:

  • Passport and residence permits of both parents (original and copy)
  • Marriage certificate copy
  • Discharge documents from the hospital for the mother
  • The birth notification from the hospital

Preparing to obtain the baby’s visa

If you are considering to travel with the newborn baby but also to be able to get the residency visa for him, you will first need a passport.

You will be considered the baby’s sponsor you need to make sure the residency visa for the baby is done with in maximum 120 days. In case you do not complete all the necessary steps in this time frame you will be fined with 100 DHS for every day you are late.

Most baby passports will have a 1 year validity. Check the procedures you need to follow with your country of nationality.

The residency visa and EID ( Emirates ID Card)

In case the hassle is overwhelming and decide that Baby Steps is the way to go, be ready to pay around 2000 AED for all the formalities. They are very swift and within a week the documents will be brought to your door. Otherwise check the  Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs – Dubai in order to prepare all the documents.

You will need:

  • Birth certificate for the baby
  • The baby’s passport
  • 3 custom passport size photos with your baby (eyes open)
  • Parents passports
  • Parents Emirate IDs copies
  • Parents valid resident visa’s
  • Marriage certificate ( original and copy) for the parents attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • The birth notification from the hospital ( make sure the stamp is there)
  • For the baby’s sponsor: copy of job contract along with salary certificate
  • Sponsor’s tenancy contract (attested by the Dubai Land Department)
  • An generic application form

All the above are must do’s in order to happily indulge in the baby days. The newborn registration is a mandatory step and it will make getting the residency visa and residency card a much simple formality.

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