Traveling to or From Dubai? Find Out if You Should be Tested for COVID-19

Traveling to or From Dubai? Find Out if You Should be Tested for COVID-19

With the opening of the borders for so many countries, in an attempt to boost the travel and overall economies of the world, many Dubai and UAE residents still face unclarities regarding the regulations they need to comply with in order to embark on planes.

New reported guidelines

Dubai already allowed residents to travel abroad starting on the 23rd of June. Also, tourists are allowed back from July 7th. There is no restriction regarding the destination.

However, testing airline passengers for Covid-19 is a mandatory and key factor for such liberties. depending on the situation you are in there are certain rules that apply that we will revise below.

  1. You are a UAE resident travelling abroad
  • Have in mind that there is no restriction regarding the country you are traveling to.
  • You will not be tested before leaving UAE
  • You need to sign a Health declaration form that states that you do not have coronavirus symptoms ( fever, cough, sore throat)
  • Don’t forget to download and register on the Covid 19 DXB app as this must be activated when you return
  • Plan ahead according to the regulations that in place in your destination country as you might have to get tested or attend quarantine.

2. You are a UAE resident returning from holiday/abroad

  • Returning home you will be required to undertake a PCR test – nasal swab- in the arrival terminal.
  • You do not need to wait at the airport. You can take a taxi home but you must stay there until the results come ( this might take several days). The results will be sent to your app or via Phone call.
  • If you are negative you can carry on as usual.
  • If you tested positive you need to self-quarantine for 14 days ( you will be retested several times until you are healthy). If you feel particularly ill you must call for medical help. You need to call one of these two numbers: the Ministry of Health on 800 11111 or Dubai Health Authority at 800 342.
  • If you are positive and live with several family members you will be rehoused in a special facility for patients. You employer must arrange for the rehousing or use the government provided facilities ( your employees will pay the costs).

3. You are a tourist visiting Dubai on your holiday (only after July 7th)

  • You need to undergo a Covid-19 test up to 4 days prior to your traveling day to Dubai. You can take the test in your local hospital or a private clinic. Bring the results with you. If you are healthy you will not get tested upon arrival nor quarantined in Dubai.
  • In case you do not have a test with you you will be tested on the arrival terminal in Dubai and you must self-quarantine until the results arrive.
  • Also, you need full medical travel insurance and also sign a declaration that states that you are liable for quarantine and treatment costs in case you become ill.
  • You must also download the Covid-19 DXB app in order to register and receive your results.

4. You are a UAE resident but you were stranded abroad

  • The great news is that residents and visa holders are allowed to return however the rules are not very clear.
  • Applying for a resident’s entry permit is no longer required. Instead, a new approval process is in place and it is coordinated by the airline and GDRFA
  • A declaration mentioning that you and your insurance will be paying for treatment in case you get Covid -19
  • You do not need to take a PCR test to travel home to the United Arab Emirates.
  • You will be tested once you arrive on the terminal and need to self-quarantine until you receive the results.

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