Top 3 Plants That Keep Hayfever Under Control

Top 3 Plants That Keep Hayfever Under Control

What if instead of medication, we can tell you about 3 plants that will keep your dreaded hayfever under control? Allergies are not a disease but a gathering of symptoms caused by a disproportionate immune system response. Your body notices a stimulus and therefore reacts to the allergen.

According to WHO, 1 in 5 people suffer at least an allergic episode in their lives. Especially in spring and late summer, when pollen, dust, insects can be especially problematic.

When a person is allergic they experience a variety of symptoms like nasal congestion, stuffed nose, sneezing, reddening of the skin, or even worse- an anaphylactic shock. This is often referred to as hayfever, and you can keep it under control naturally.

Spring allergies

Most people that suffer from allergies are more exposed during the spring when nature is blooming. This is because of the pollen, the highest allergen is at its peak.

Once the pollen particle enters the body (through nose or mouth) your antibodies cause a reaction. Histamine is released as a response to the most common allergens:

  • pollen (grass, weeds, trees)
  • food like peanuts, soy, lactose, eggs
  • cat, dog, rabbit hair
  • insects bites
  • mold
  • medicine

3 natural plans to keep allergies contained

If you are trying to ditch the constant medication, taken on a daily basis, you will appreciate the below natural approach.

1.Wild Pansy – Viola tricolor

To combat one of the nastiest symptoms of allergies- itching and eczema, a study has been performed on 127 individuals. The test subjects were given viola tricolor. The formulation was a tincture and in 119 cases there was a visible improvement without any side effects.

You can find more about this plant here.

2. Lavender – Lavanda angustifolia

You are familiar with the calming effects of lavender are valid in case of allergies too! All the skin rashes or the inflammation of the respiratory tract along with decongestants for the nose are within its actions. Essential lavender oil is proven to be a good treatment for asthma.

The study details here.

3. Blackcurrant – Ribes nigrum

This is the holy grail of all allergic symptoms. Its power is close to synthetic cortical steroids, which is what your prescribes drugs are made of. Think of it as natural cortisone. Because there are no side effects when you use it, it is the first choice when you do not want the side effects of medication.

The plant buds are made into an alcoholic mixture that is used to treat mostly the respiratory symptoms of allergies.

You can purchase your bottle here.

So take charge and give the natural way to keep your hayfever under control. It’s convenient and promising. Take our word for it!

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