Today Starts Eid Al Adha. Regulations Dubai Has in Place

Today Starts Eid Al Adha. Regulations Dubai Has in Place


In full blown pandemic, the Muslim holiday, Eid Al Adha is different.

Muslims around the world celebrate Eid Al Adha from July 30 to August 3rd. But the restrictions in place will change the course of the celebration.

Normally the day starts at the mosque for collective prayer but the new regulations state that prayers will take place outside. Any hugging and handshaking will be avoided. Each individual must bring their own prayer rug.

Dubai specifically is launching a massive security plan to make sure the COVID situation is not getting worse. More than 1370 police officers will be covering the streets in Dubai.

Residential locations and shopping malls will be closeness monitored by police patrols to maintain safety measures.

Drones are supposed to check beaches and monitor traffic and streets as well in order to prevent large gatherings that can potentially enhance the spread of the virus.

Traffic controls will smooth out the traffic around shopping malls markets and major street intersections.

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