Jobs That Will Disappear in 25 Years and Jobs That Will Prevail

Jobs That Will Prevail

With the COVID -19 pandemic hitting us hard, some of the jobs are becoming redundant and more and more people remain without an income. This automatically makes us think about what is a secure work field we could activate in. We want jobs that will prevail and remain safe regardless of natural disasters and other factors.

More than 10 % of the actual jobs will become automated in the next 10 years. This news comes from an American digitalization company. They forecast that jobs like accountants, agricultural workers, and even construction workers will be obsolete.

On the other side, jobs like security analysts, robotics designers, and biomedical and genetic engineers will be very demanded. The ultimate argument is that robots will always be more productive than humans. They don’t need vacations and they don’t quit.

Jobs that will disappear in the next years

Most of the jobs that will become unnecessary are the ones that are repetitive. Also, the ones that will have to transform due to technology advances.

Fast food workers, accountants, bank clerks or even cargo drivers will be replaced or will need to change.

Translators, book storekeepers, or couriers, taxi drivers also, store clerks, and cash register workers will also be replaced. Even in the HORECA industries, front desk officers and cleaning agents will no longer be needed as robots will replace them. Not even tourists agents will have a chance.

Workers in the textile industry will most probably lose their jobs along with print editors or even plane pilots will need to look somewhere else for a profession.

Jobs that will be successful in the future

The jobs of the future are going to be professionals like nanotechnology engineers. Wind and solar power engineers, or even body parts designers are also going to be needed.

Also some other jobs are going to be with us long. The top future jobs will be:

  • Medical assistants and nurses
  • Software developers
  • Financial managers
  • Surgeons
  • Lawyers
  • Business operation specialists and also analysts
  • Teachers or educators
  • Physical therapists
  • Plumbers
  • Dentists and also
  • General MDs

Some estimated salaries for the top jobs would be ones like ( in Euro per year):


Pharmacy clerks




Software Manager

Software Developer


Financial Analyst

Considering the above you might want to think twice on the career patch you want to choose. But rest assured that a career transformation is always an option especially if you want the security of jobs that will prevail.

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